Because Fuzz Terms of Service

Section One - Commission Requirements

a. Age

i. All commissioners of Because Fuzz or any of its subsidiaries must be at least 18 years of age. Because Fuzz does not work through a guardian for a minor.

ii. Commissioners will need to be able to provide any necessary documents to Because Fuzz upon request to prove that they are over 18 years of age.

iii. The use of falsified documents is grounds for the cancellation of a commission, with the possibility of a refund being at the sole discretion of Because Fuzz.

b. Reference Materials

i. Accurate references are required to ensure that the finished product will fully reflect the customer’s character. We highly recommend that customers utilize a three or more sided “reference sheet” that does not include “shading” or any other details that may lead to a misunderstanding of desired details.

ii. For “full suit” costume commissions, a suitable “duct tape dummy” will need to be sent in to Because Fuzz. The proper creation and transportation of said “duct tape dummy” falls under the responsibility of the commissioner, as the accuracy of these materials directly affects the fit and finish of the final product.

c. Quotations

i. A quotation will be required in order to have a commission accepted by Because Fuzz.

ii. Quotations are given on a case-by-case basis, and the final quoted cost of a commission will be affected by factors including but not limited to:

1. Character complexity.

2. Amount of materials required to product the costume.

3. Any unique features that are not within the scope of an average commission.

iii. Quotations will be valid for a total of thirty days after they are given, as the prices of materials fluctuates regularly.

iv. The amount of commissions taken on by Because Fuzz is limited, meaning that a quotation is not a guaranteed position in the maker’s queue.

v. Because Fuzz reserves the right to deny service to anyone.

Section Two - Payment and Shipping

a. Payment Processing

i. All payments are taken through either PayPal, Square, or Zelle. Invoice must be paid within 72 hours otherwise the commission slot will be terminated. Because Fuzz reserves the right to not work with an unpaid client for future openings.

ii. All payments will be made through a secure method, to ensure both the safety of the commissioner and of Because Fuzz.

iii. Full payments are preferred by Because Fuzz whenever possible.

b. Payment Plans

i. Payment plans are available from Because Fuzz on a case-by-case basis.

ii. Payment plans are only available on orders with a value of over $600 US dollars.

iii. Payment plans start with a down payment of 30% of the total value of the commission. After completing the down payment, commissioners must make payments in the agreed upon amount every two weeks, until the full value of the order has been paid for.

iv. Late payments may incur fees of up to $50 per each late payment, and may also result in delays or cancellations in the commission process.

c. Shipping

i. Shipping is calculated upon completion of an order, and is not included in the original quote.

ii. Shipping estimates can be given upon request, however any estimates are not guaranteed due to unforeseen changes in shipping costs.

iii. Because Fuzz is not responsible for lost or damaged packages, however we will work to help commissioners come to a solution if loss or damage occurs.

iv. Packages shipped by Because Fuzz will be insured, and that cost will be part of the customer’s final shipping charge.

v. Tracking numbers will be available to customers for all orders.

vi. Because Fuzz is not responsible for returned packages returned to the sender, and the customer may be responsible for any charges incurred by this.

vii. Because Fuzz is not responsible for the payment of custom’s fees, which may be up to or exceeding thirty percent of the commission’s value.

Section Three - Due Dates and Rush Orders

a. Due Dates

i. Because Fuzz will assign an approximate due date for each commission when possible.

ii. Commission due dates may change for reasons including but not limited to:

1. Material availability and other supply chain issues.

2. Changes in the health of the staff of Because Fuzz or their family members.

3. Other “acts of God” that are outside the control of the company.

b. Rush Orders

i. Rush orders are taken on a limited basis.

ii. Rush orders will only be accepted if the final product will be delivered in person by Because Fuzz.

iii. Rush orders will forfeit the commissioners right to last-minute changes in many circumstances.

iv. Rush orders are not guaranteed, please see Section three part ii for circumstances that could delay a rush order.

Section Four - The Commission Process (Production)

a. Commission Queue

i. Commissions from Because Fuzz are generally completed in the order that they are placed.

ii. Personal and other projects will be worked on in between the main order of commissions in Because Fuzz’s queue.

iii. Delays in customer communication and / or payment may affect the order in which projects are started and worked on.

b. The Building Process

i. All projects start out with Because Fuzz contacting the customer regarding material choices, as well as any clarification of details pertinent to the commission.

ii. Once material choices have been made, construction will start after the full payment has been received by Because Fuzz.

iii. Commissions are often worked on in the order they are received, however small parts may be made either simultaneously or separately from the main parts of the costume.

c. Last Minute Changes

i. Last minute changes may not be possible depending on the severity and timing

ii. Last minute changes may incur extra cost, depending on the discretion of Because Fuzz.

Section Five - Customer Communication

a. Progress Updates

i. Because Fuzz will provide progress updates on commissions when the maker finds the project to be in a place where an update is warranted.

ii. Because Fuzz will reach out to customers with updates when clarification or opinions from the customer are helpful to the commission process. Delays in communication may lead to delays in the completion of the commission.

b. Acceptable Communication Hours

i. We ask that customers aim to keep communication within the hours posted on

ii. Communication during posted hours is not guaranteed.

c. Communication Guidelines

i. We ask that customers do not ask for updates on their project on a daily basis, or any basis that appears as excessive.

ii. Because Fuzz will update customers on a recurring basis based on the progress of each commission.

iii. If a customer has not heard from Because Fuzz in a reasonable amount of time, they are entitled to an update in the progress of their commission.

iv. Any kind of problematic customer behavior including but not limited to:

harassment, stalking, or inappropriate behavior towards Because Fuzz or any party associated with them is grounds for the cancellation of a commission.

Section Six - Warranty

Warranties are offered on all products constructed by Because Fuzz.

● Any issues caused by mistakes in the production of a commission will be covered by Because Fuzz within the first month after delivery, however shipping must be paid for by the customer.

● Warranties will not be offered on commissions where customers request materials outside of the ones suggested by Because Fuzz.

Section Seven - Updates to the Terms of Service

We reserve the right to modify and update the terms, conditions, and notices at any time. Customers are fully responsible for remaining up to date with any changes to these terms and conditions. Updates and changes will be posted in a timely manner to or any updated website managed by the Because Fuzz.